New Netsuite Platform Guide

Using PaaS as a Business or an IT Company


Platform as a service, or PaaS, is something that many businesses are taking advantage of and is definitely one of the newest and best cloud technologies out there. Initially, IT companies were the ones that wanted to utilize this first. In the early days of cloud computing, it was dedicated purely to the developer and not necessarily for the businesses. The businesses started to realize how useful it can be, however, and opted to use it as well and now it is what it is today. Business houses can see how the storage and testing operations are able to make their tasks easier overall. This frees up the human resources that they have to do other work. This article is going to tell you more about PaaS, its history with businesses, and why it is used popularly today by so many companies.


The speed and the efficiency is something that really draws people to using this aspect of cloud computing. At its introduction, netsuite integration api was a low cost alternative to other options and this is part of the reason that it became so popular. It is a great piece of technology that is something that people are able to use regularly in businesses and in the IT world.


The early versions of In NetSuite log in as an Administrator were not widely accepted by businesses as they were by IT companies. There are many reasons for this. Big businesses did not need all of the features that this could offer and it was part of the reason that it was passed up by them. Another reason was that most of the initial platforms were public and this could cause security problems for companies that had secure information they needed to protect.


Today, both IT companies and businesses are able to use this type of cloud computing software. PaaS is something that has grown widely in popularity and has shown its worth through multiple successful uses. Businesses love the opportunity to use this and free up their manpower to work on other pieces of work, which ultimately saves them money in the long run. It can be expensive to set up a data center for this to work, but once they are able to afford this and the associate electricity costs, it may some the business money over time. This is definitely something that businesses will have to think about.

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